Pool Brokers USA!​

Display our pool at your business 

We are looking for High traffic locations to place our display pool on a trailer. It takes up a 30' parking space.

Made in the USA!


Unique Factory-Assist Program or DIY options available.

Call CJ 804-339-6630 for a free over the phone quote. 

Also, Contact us and we will email you shapes and sizes of pools available in your area.

OUR Referral program


As a client, You can partner with us through Our referral program. We have been Blessed to have most of Our new Business through Our happy clients. We have decided to invest Our marketing dollars back into Our clients through a $200 referral fee. We are also giving away $1,000 to who ever sends us the most referrals and $500 to whoever gets the most Facebook likes this year.​ 

Businesses: Partner with us


We are looking for related business', with solid reputations and work ethic,  that We could partner with to help each other expand our Tent Pegs. Web Site, Facebook, Shows, Referrals etc.

Dealer Opportunities


 We are looking for Individuals or Business' that would like to become dealers full time or part time. All training is supplied. It is fun and exciting to help families reach their dream of owning a swimming pool. Especially when We can save them between $7,500-$25,000 and still have it be a profitable business.